Friday, November 13, 2009

Amika Hair Straightener?

A man at the mall trid to sell me an Amika hair straightener.

I didnt buy it but he tried it on me and it worked well.

i looked it up on the internet, but i cant seem to find a website. I can only find them on eBay. I would like to know the website so i can research it before i consider buying it.

So does anyone know the website or have any comments on the amika? i would like to know more about it.

Amika Hair Straightener?

Hello, Yes the amika straightner is great. I got a great deal and bought two, I bought them for $ 80.00 each. The amika straightner is a very good straightner, i got the silver one, and I'm very satisfied and so is my sister.

Amika Hair Straightener?

i just bought one two days ago and i LOVE it. It works so good on my hair. It really does stay straight for a long time. i dont think they have a website but it is a good straightner!!!! i would recomend you got it

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