Monday, November 16, 2009

How much damaging does a hair straightener do?

I am just so fed up with my hair.

I've tried all the straightening methods out there and I'm about ready to just buy a straightener.

If I do buy one I will be getting a ceramic one..

How much damage does it do and does it also get rid of frizz?

Also if it is more expensive does that mean it does less damage?

My hair is really thin so I'm trying to do the least amount of damage.

About how much is the damage compared to blow drying your hair every day?

How much damaging does a hair straightener do?

None. You just need to use the heat protector. CHI brand is the best to use!

How much damaging does a hair straightener do?

it doesnt do any dammage with ceramic ones, just use a heat resistant spray befor you do

How much damaging does a hair straightener do?

A ceramic straightener works the best!! It doesnt do any damage to your hair and yes it gets rid of frizz. i use a ceramic striaghtener and it works great for me. it doesnt matter how much they long as it is a ceramic straightener. with a ceramic straightener you can straighten your hait if its damp, towel dry, or dry. = ]

If your hair is really curly then try this product that i use...its called to that wesite and it will tell you everything. itll make your hair silky,smooth,soft,shiny, and defiently ratless!! it is also easier to straighten. it is like a permanet thing. i use it and it works great...TRUST ME...I PROMISE!! it stays straight all day and it stays straight through the humid and hot days. rain...doesn't stay that straight if it gets wet...its just a little wavy = ]

Use this if you really need. But you can use it if your hair is wavy, cuz it will make your hair healthy. it has no harsh chemicals and no hair loss! go to the website to find out more = ]

How much damaging does a hair straightener do?

I find it gets rid of a lot of frizz and really makes it smooth and silky. You just need a heat protector and try not to straighten it every day, or more than once a day. I try to only straighten twice a week. No matter how much product you use, hair is always still vulnerable. A lot of straighteners have different heat temperatures, so for thin hair you'd choose a lower temp. A tip on straightening: Works better if you go slow. Does less damage and straightens better. Ripping it through you hair will just cause trouble. Try getting a straightener at a proffesional salon. That's were I got mine and it works wonderfully. Get the one that they use, and they'll just order it for you. (:

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