Monday, November 16, 2009

Can I use my hair straightener in China?

I'm going to China soon, and I would like to bring my hair straigtener. I brought it to Peru once along with an anaptor and transformer. The adaptor and transformer worked on an alarm clock, but my straightener wouldnt heat up. I need to know 1) Will I have the same problem in china? 2) If not, what kind of converters or whatever will I need? 3) If so, any alternative suggestions?? Like, would it make more sense to just purchase a straightener there?? Where are they available? How expensive are they? I dont want to spend much on a two week invetment, but I would like something that works. ? any help would be awesome. Thanks so much!

Can I use my hair straightener in China?

i'm assuming the straightener is bought here in the u.s. so, if you are staying in a hotel they more than likely have international plugs which would work for american plugs. also my sister and mother used their straightener almost evryday for a week and a half on this recent trip we took to china.

Can I use my hair straightener in China?

I agree with the guy above me. OR if for whatever reason it dosn't work, don't hotel rooms come with blow dryers? You CAN blow your hair straight. I'm pretty sure, at least. But then again, this is from a that doesn't own a straightener. :)




Have fun in China!

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