Friday, November 13, 2009

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

ive been straightening my hair 4ever and mine just broke. i dont wanna spend a ton of money, but i want one that gets my hair pin straight, (w/o doing it for 5 hours) and i hav wavy hair.Know of any?

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?


Conair CS19JCS Instant Heat Ceramic Hair Straightener

From Conair

Price: $24.92

Product Description

CS19CS Professional Instant Heat Hair Straightener - Make your hair go from curly to straight in just a few minutes. Ceramic coated heating elements provide even heat distribution plus an easy-glide surface for smooth operation that won't scorch your hair. On/Off button Power-on indicator light Dual Volt Capable - Though it comes with a USA plug, it can also work with 220-Volts when used with optional plug adapters 6 Foot long swivel AC power cord for flexible control

Conair 2" Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener with Straightening Comb, Red

Buy new: $27.99

Conair CS26JCS 1 1/2" Wet Dry StraightenerConair CS26JCS 1 1/2" Wet Dry Straightener

Buy new: $29.99

Conair S1CS Professional Straightener with Ceramic Technology Omega Curved Plates, Black and Red

Buy new: $17.99

Infiniti by Conair CD110 Professional Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Straightener and Curling Iron, Black and Silver

Buy new: $24.99

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

I have a skinny con air one that i've had for many years and it still works. It's black with gold on it and skinny but works fast. I got it for 20.00$ at frd meyers.

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

I have a conair straightner!~~ it works jsut fine but dont use it when ur hair is wet!! it is very inexpensive and is good quality!

good luck with that!!! bye!

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

I have the skinny Conair one as well, and I like it, but I recently used a friends Conair Ceramic and it was awesome, but it was like $50.

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

there is no such thing as a good inexpensive flat iron....

If you buy a cheap one will destroy your hair...

I have many people going through a program for flat iron addiction....its a problem here in los angeles....I hope it doesn't spread,

although I think it already has.....

The look that is in right now... is NOT stick straight... so I have no idea why you are going for that....

I just worry about many of you going this route....

If you insist on using a flat iron........what you should be saying is,

"what is the least damaging one I can buy".........

If you are not spending at least $100. on one then it will not have the proper technology in the making of it and it WILL destroy your hair....

Oh and Flat Iron is the proper term......

They ruin hair

They cause hair loss

and they are an addiction.......

The hair damage they cause is many times irreversible....

I hope you have lots and lots of hair.....

that is the only way it will work for you....

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

if your hair is thick,

you want a really big straightener.

if you hair is thin,

the one-inch straighteners are fine.

i suggest conair with the ceramic heat.

you can probably get them at any drugstores or even the mall.

good luck !

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

i use Ceramic Straightening Iron: Compare to CHI Ceramic Hair Styling Iron for more than 2 yrs...and its very good...

i bought from costs me $49.99

I need a good inexpensive hair straightener?

I bought this one recently and it works really good!:

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