Friday, November 13, 2009

Using a 110V hair straightener from US in 240V Australia?


I've just bought myself a HAI hair straightener in the US. It's excellent at taming my frizzy bouffant hair and I am desperate to keep using it when I go live in Australia in 2007.

The voltage on this item is 110V and the voltage is 240V in Australia and it is 35/40W.

WIll this work with a converter in Australia (or some other mean) or am I doomed?

Thank you.

Using a 110V hair straightener from US in 240V Australia?

Yes, you can buy a converter, but be very careful as to what you are actually buying. There is a thing called an adapter. All that an adapter does is adapt for the physical differneces in the plugs, so that you can physically plug an appliance intended for US markets into European, Asian, Australian,etc. wall outlets. Such an adapter does NOT step down the voltage, so that if you were to plug your straightener into such an adapter in Australia, then you're cooked (figuratively and literally!) So, you need the converter which also has adapters for the differences in plugs but which also steps the voltage down from 240 to 110. But there can potenially be another problem. Some of these converters, like you buy at WalMart or KMart, have a 2-position switch on them. One setting is meant for appliances that use a lot of wattage, the other setting is for low wattage appliances. Make sure, before you plug it into the wall, that you have the switch set to the correct position BEFORE you plug in and use you converter. I have seen some on the internet that automatically detect and adjust to the correct setting but I have never used one of those. They are more expensive. I think, to play it safe, I would go to a place like Radio Shack--they claim that if you have a question that they have the answer. Unfortunately, I have found that isn't always true, either. But, their chances of giving you good advice will be better than what you would get from WalMart and/or KMart. Good luck...hope you have a good trip to Australia.

PS Angie, up above is correct, about some things. Some things, like laptops and shavers may work without needing a converter. And maybe it is true about your straighter IF it has a built-in switch. If not, you WILL NEED a converter.

Using a 110V hair straightener from US in 240V Australia?

When I went to Australia, all of my US items worked with an adapter. I don't think there should be a problem.. however if you really want to make sure, call the manufacturer and ask them.

Using a 110V hair straightener from US in 240V Australia?

u can buy a convertor and check the hertz also.

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