Friday, November 13, 2009

Chi hair straightener owners?

I have used my friends Chi straightener before and it worked well. But I have only used it once so I have a few questions before I invest in one for the school year.

1. I have very thick naturally wavy hair- which Chi straightner would you recomend?

2. Are they worth the investment? If not- what do you recomend?

3. I have heard theese break easily... is this true?

4. Rate the Chi on a scale of 1-10 (10 best)

Thanks a lot for your time. =]

Chi hair straightener owners?

1. one that is about and inch or two wide b/c my hair is exactly the same way (it is VERY thick)

2. oh definately

3. id think so b/c mine hasnt broke and no one els i know has broke either

4. like 2 million

it is worth the money. it takes me an hour to straighten w/ a regular straightener but w/ a chi i cut half the time and my hair is really straight. if u want u can get a chi straighten that is permanent, it costs about 100 dollars. ur hair is straight even if u wash ur hair and it cost i think about mayb like at least 80 dollars to do the rott touch up. either one would b good. if u want something cheaper, mayb try the conair infinity starightener. hoped i helped.

Chi hair straightener owners?

1. a 1 inch one idk there all the same

2. yes

3. mine hasnt broke yet and i had it for 2 years!

4. one million

Chi hair straightener owners?

1. At least 3/4" for your hair. That's what i use. We have the same hair.

2. Well worth it.

3. When abused, yes as the plates are made of ceramic. They won't crack due to heat. That's what they're designed to do... get really hot.

4. 10+. I love my chi, and recommend it to all who ask!

Chi hair straightener owners?

I am a professional hairdresser...There are many good straighteners.....I think you need to invest about 100 to 125 to get a really good one...Be sure to have yor hair completely dry before ysing any kindof heat tool.

Chi hair straightener owners?

Chi's worked for me. Would definitely recommend it for anyone with dry, frizzy and wavy hair. Just learn the right way to use it and it works awesome.

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