Monday, November 16, 2009

Best under $50 hair straightener...?

What brand, what specific model, what price and where?

(must have been purchased in Canada)

I don't have the money for the expensive ones from the hair salon!

Best under $50 hair straightener...?

just save up some $ and get a good one, like a Sudu, or something. go to to look and compare. depending on the type of hair u have, if you buy a cheap one you'll ruin your hair. i'm saving up, but it'll be worth it. repairing damaged hair will cost a lot more than a good iron. you don't have to get one from a salon. just don't buy a used one. has free shipping on a lot of things, and they have reviews from customers. good luck!

Best under $50 hair straightener...?

Dr. Miracle relaxer product line sold at Wal*mart for about $7-9 dollars

google Dr. and see if u can order the products via FEDEX or UPS mail shipping

othe rrelaxers

Motions $6


Lady Velvet$8

Best under $50 hair straightener...?

pro touch is a hair straihtener that cost 35 $.

It is really good,you can buy it in wall mart, or look it up online

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