Monday, November 16, 2009

Have any of you tried this hair straightener?

I have naturally very thick, long and curly/wavy hair, and it takes a total of two hours to blow dry and straighten my hair, so it's really a pain. I want to try this product but I'm really scared of it frying my hair. Has anyone tried this?

Have any of you tried this hair straightener?

I would SO not do it! Screwing up relaxing the reverse of screwing up a perm, and it happens enough at home. If you want to straighten, do it at a salon. Plus - something you've not thought about - outgrowth. Your hair will grow out curly/wavy and at some point will be two different textures so once you go this direction, you'll have to continue on so that you don't have strange hair. Consolation: if your hair is long, the weight will prevent the outgrowth from being too different by weighing it down.

My suggestion is a heavy duty straightening iron. I swear by it! No, it will not be as easy as relaxing/straightening but you will not be blowing anything dry for 2 hours! I tend to just let my hair air dry and then straigthen it or blow dry it however (without styling, just to dry it) and then run an iron through it. Perfect - and with a smaller barrel (1" or so) you can even do flips and curls once you become proficient.

Have any of you tried this hair straightener?

no but it will probaly riun your hair

Have any of you tried this hair straightener?

i would use the wet to straight hair straightener.

i just got mine and it is amazing.

i have really thick frizzy long hair but it worked really well.

most straighteners don't work on my hair.

plus you don't have to blow dry your hair.

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